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Ania Dragun
CFO & Post Producer
+ 48 604 171 726
Przemek Drosik
CEO & VFX Supervisor
+48 792 929 283
Krzysztof Grudziński
CEO & VFX Supervisor
+48 514 340 927
Aleksandra Petrus
Producer / Account Manager
+48 608 688 268
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Who Are We

LocoXR is a studio that brings new technologies to life. Our main focus is on Virtual and Augmented Reality in commercial area, but we are not afraid to tackle smaller projects, that can change the bigger scope. And while we aim to be “the” studio to choose when creating reality, our second love is gaming. Both developing and playing.

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VR Experience

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Imagine being able to step into another world and turn into someone else. Experience the adventure of a lifetime just by looking through special goggles. That’s virtual reality. A computer generated world in which you are the main character. And we can take you there. Or bring this world to whomever you would like to show it to.


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Would you like to show your amazing product to everyone around the world? Let us bring your creation to the clients, where they can see it and interact with it. We can even bring them inside your virtual store or to a special event. We can set it up anywhere you want. And make sure that your audience finds you first.


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Be the character in your favorite game. Kick that ball, shoot that shot, solve that puzzle with your own two hands. Run from the enemy or have a face to face conversation with the NPC. In the VR/AR gaming you can easily turn into the famous female archeologist raiding tombs, or the white haired warrior fighting monsters. Just choose your path.

Cinematic VR

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Big ideas need a big screen. What if your surroundings suddenly become a movie set? Will you be in the middle of the action? You can change your perspective without waiting for the camera to move. You can look at the smallest details. You’re not sitting idle in the audience. With cinematic VR you are part of the cast.



What if you could combine the real and virtual world? That’s AR. That’s 3d animated objects on top of your table. You can see it through your screen or special goggles but always right in front of you. Add something extra to your creation. Or make sure your client can see the 360 of your product wherever he is. You create reality.

Virtual Production

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Virtual production uses Unreal Engine, motion capture and LED walls to create realistic environments and effects for films. It’s transformed the way movies are made, allowing immersive worlds to be created on a smaller budget and in less time. Its popularity is growing as technology advances and more filmmakers adopt this technique.


Our projects are noticeable.

Stay in touch, you never know when you need a little Loco.
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